I Want To Support Loner Because I’m A Good Egg

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Here’s Kate Dehnert’s Twitter, and here be her Instagram. She’s/I’m pretty shocking at Instagram but is/am learning by the day how to love an #overlysassyandsharedlife.

Here’s Loner on Twitter because twoots help make ideas fight, why not add to the chaos?

Loner on iTunes because you are one of those shadow people from iPod campaigns and you must have something to listen to, lest you stop moving and therefore dissipate into nothingness, your energy forever lost to a new world that doesn’t recognise the old gods.

Or perhaps you’re a regular Josephine with nothing to prove but plenty of powers to hide lest someone calls you a new god, and then you’re forced to go on a tedious promo tour of your new coffee table book ‘Important Stuff I’ve Smashed’, in which case here’s a non-iTunes link to Loner.

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